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Jodi Brown Photography offers top-tier services to capture your cherished moments with precision and creativity. From landscapes and concerts to sports action shots, elegant portraits, team pictures, graduations, and events, we specialize in high-quality photography tailored to your needs. Our mobile studio and event photo booth with onsite printing add convenience and fun to any event. We also provide professional video services, including multicamera streaming and real-time editing, along with social media coverage. Choose from a variety of print options, including fine art prints, canvases, and metal prints, to adorn your home or office. With a commitment to professionalism and customer satisfaction, we ensure your memories are preserved beautifully.

About Jodi Brown

Born and raised in Labrador, her work in airlines brought her to Halifax in 2004. She has always had a passion for capturing those quick action moments into a still image, so in 2014 Jodi decided to follow that passion by starting her photography career.


She started out by getting permission to take pictures from her seat at the Halifax Hurricane games to practice her craft. A year later, she was able to take photos from the hardwood floor of the games, and this was the moment her drive for becoming a sports photographer went into to full gear.


In 2017 Jodi expanded her skills into videography. She became, as she likes to call it, “the camera girl,” for the Post Game Recap Interviews with top players in the National Basketball League of Canada.


Jodi isn’t shy when looking though her camera lens because she has six years of experience with professional sports photography and videography. It’s given her the confidence to get in the moment and capture that one-second moment for all to experience and enjoy.


“I love capturing in-the-moment shots. I just learned over time that I can’t be afraid or timid, because then you miss the chance at capturing that moment forever.”


©Jodi Brown 2020

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